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Did you know that about half of adults in the United States never learned to swim? You might be one of them, but even if you're not, you likely know someone who fits into this category.

Learning to swim as an adult requires a different approach than learning as a kid. At re-swim in Boston, you learn to swim using an extraordinary system that has worked for thousands of other swimmers - in an environment and a format designed for adults.  Join us and go at your own pace to finally achieve freedom in the water!



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"I've learned the art of understanding the water by learning at a slow pace, and all of my memories of learning this way have been good."

— Miracle Swimming student, Boston 2015 Winter Class

"I have taken a lot of swimming classes and this is the only one that works at your own pace to address any fear you may have of the water."

— Miracle Swimming student, Boston 2017 Fall Class



2020 Schedule will be published October 1st!

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